You let us know where you are having your event, how many people, and other important details and we start going to work for you. 

How do we get started?

After analyzing the details provided, we will create a mock-up including all the venue specific details in preparation for our meeting.

When we meet, we walk through the mock-ups we have created and make adjustments with you.  After meeting, our team goes back to our office and puts the finishing touches on everything.  We will capture images and create a package you can use to ensure everything is placed properly.

Can’t Meet?  We can work with you online through various channels as well.

More people RSVP than expected or you want to make some changes?

We have saved your specific layout and can make the minor changes you desire and resend pictures.

We have personally measured and taken many pictures of every venue that customers have hired us for to ensure that all models are exactly to scale with enough detail.  We feel it is important to save you time and effort beforehand, which is why when you want to know how high a beam is to hang a “Happy Birthday!” sign or if a buffet table will fit in a certain location, we have those answers.